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I write articles, content, and blogs, and am author of The Modern Enneagram. Areas of specialty include personal finance, personal growth & psychology, travel, entrepreneurship, and language learning.

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How My Learning Disability Helped Me Write a Book

Had I known as a child that...


The Modern Enneagram: Strengths and Growth Practices


Living with accountability involves being true to our best selves. Sure, the Enneagram teaches us to pinpoint and work on what’s difficult for us, but it’s also important to stay positive. Chugging through...

Bay 1 article

How to Survive the Bay Area if you Don’t Work in Tech

When I first moved to San Jose a decade ago, with little knowledge about the Bay Area, my friends and family told me I was moving to “tech central.” I shrugged my shoulders and...

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Publishing a Book: The Surprising Importance of Serendipity – Kacie Berghoef

I’m delighted to get to start my new blog on a high note: I recently became a published author! My non-fiction book...

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How to Get Traffic to Your Website

After forming your online business, one of the most important tasks for acquiring customers and converting leads is to increase website...

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6 Hacks For Planning A Long-Term Vacation

There's nothing more awesome than going on vacation—except for making those...

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All You Need to Know About the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program

Have you ever wanted to become a citizen of another country, but not been quite sure how to do it? With citizenship...

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How to Live with Your Significant Other in a Space That's Really Only Big Enough for One Person

I still remember how excited I felt the first time I decided to enter a live-in relationship. At one year out of college, my job paid next to nothing, and the only...

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10 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund

The news is out on Americans and emergency funds, and it's not good. According to a recent survey from...

Sandwich article

UC Berkeley Lunch Spots Perfect for Noshing Between Class

If you’re a student, you know how tiring dining hall food can get — and the sad desk lunch isn’t a much better alternative.

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San Francisco's Most Insane Christmas Displays

San Francisco is famous for its beauty, with unbelievable holiday displays, scenic vistas, and spectacular views available to tourists...

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5 Wonderful Bay Area Weekend Getaways for Winter

Winter is a great time to live in San Francisco. Sure, the fog and rain can get a little gloomy, but compared to the years I spent...

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The Craziest Sandwiches in San Francisco

San Francisco is an incredible town for foodies, and the sandwich options are no exception. With National Sandwich Day...

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The Billfold

The Cost of Fulfilling a Childhood Fantasy

Growing up, I was always fascinated with Coney Island, and dreamed of my family taking me to visit. My parents took me to plenty of amusement parks as a kid, so it’s not like I was desperate for high-octane entertainment. But there...

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Instagram Your Way Through Baltimore, Maryland

With a beautiful waterfront on Chesapeake Bay, charming neighborhoods, and endless greenery, they don't call Baltimore...